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Director's Message

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and Peaceful Greetings.


Welcome to the official portal of the Negeri Sembilan Court.


I congratulate and highly appreciate the Committee involved in updating and improving this official portal.


I hope that this official portal can further increase efforts to spread the vision, mission, and objectives of the Court in addition to being a channel and reference source for the community to obtain the latest information about the judiciary, especially the Negeri Sembilan Court and the services provided.


The Negeri Sembilan Court is committed and will continue to strive to increase and improve the quality of service towards a more excellent work culture in order to meet the needs and guarantee the satisfaction of every customer in line with the Department's mission which is "preserving fair, quality, transparent and efficient judicial management based on the constitution and the law".


Hopefully, all the information available on this official portal will be able to be fully utilized by all users.


Thank you .